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I see your very tired  Life and love has beaten you down The days have grown long and I want to hold you in my arms They say hurt people hurt people
FIX Sorry I forgot to note, Attimes i wish I could be nothing more than a quote, Don't mind the energy it's just another eulogy, Sung by the cranky components in this broken heart of mine.
Loop by loop, Spool by spool, I knit and knit, I use my tool.   Every time Each new row, I feel my heart, Begin to grow.   Loop by loop, Spool by spool,
I wish I knew How to fix things So that way they Wouldn't get to the point They were beyond repair Whether it be  Technology Jewlery Plants My Relationships Myself
Now it’s 124 lost, no more we can cost. We need to teach the youth about respect, not give them neglect. The fear is rising,  it should be minimizing. The school should teach,
Not sure what to do How to fix this  If it is possible I want it to be 
I once held a heart in my little palmhopeless, broken, barely holding on to the thread of life  
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There are many things wrong And many things right. So much confusion. So little light. How many times  Must we face a disaster? The lights keep on fading. And there is no real "master".
  Doctor! Tell me how to make others love me! Said the Doctor, Take this pill twice a day and stop eating fats Others will come to love you when your body has changed,
(poems go here) Dearest mine, put down your needle, pick up your thread, and come away- Dearest mine, pick up your feet, draw up on those heavy limbs- Dearest mine, walk away from impossible,
A toy you say? Well that might be, But look closer At what you see. Within it, Many things twist and grind, Gizmos and gadgets Of all shapes and size.
It's the same thing everyday you wake up and go through routine someone asks how you are and you reply with fine
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