To Many Lost, To Much Cost

Mon, 04/02/2018 - 22:48 -- kait456

Now it’s 124 lost,

no more we can cost.

We need to teach the youth about respect,

not give them neglect.

The fear is rising, 

it should be minimizing.

The school should teach,

is that such a reach.

Not only teach the basics of class,

but to make the impression last.

Let them learn how to be human,

and not just a future crewman.

Most hours are spent at school.

Which should be cool.

We should be shaping the youth,

this is all a truth.

Teaching in schools on how to make better decisions,

Should not just be a vision.

This is how we can make the schools safer, 

train this generation to be their own lifesavers.

124 are lost,

no more is going to be a cost.

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My community
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Our world
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