A woman

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texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,im,her,from the look to the style to the sexy classical way she is from her small size feet to her long maine hair to her apple bottom behind seating right sitting tight in her jeans im her im so her to the way she blush t
Her hair falls gently against her back, Her smile curves perfectly, Her eyes emeralds, She is beauty- Beauty is she.  
When I look into your eyes, I realize how much I want my stars back Brighter when I’m sitting in darkness; when the skies are black They give off more light Letting me find my way home at night
Once upon a time The little mermaid dreamed. She dreamed of the sky And the things unseen. She wanted to walk, and to run, and to jump, But most of all, she wanted a pup.  
Wonder rib of manWorthy HumanBeautifully made, that's the woman!    Female childFeminine EleganceOozing intelligence, that's the woman!  
                                                   I want to fly Like a bird in the sky I want to roar Like a lion in the civil war
From time I find myself thinking aboutJanuary 2015 but it's April 2017.
Cruising through the streets late at night in your new car,one of the greatest feelings I'll tell you.Could it be because we both know what could come out of this. 
I’m a woman. I’m a woman who cares about life, But also the right to choose, I’m a woman in business which can often be rife of people believing I will lose. As a woman, this year was full of strife,
Red wine and Lauryn Hill in the bathtub Because I need to chill -  triggered myself today by leaping in on my fears, my breath was stolen and  I felt hot on the field before we ran.  It wasn't really fun,
To the lady with the cigarette...Whose reflection do you see when you stare into the mirror?Is it the same woman I see?And if it is...Why do you choose to taint that beauty with purchases that only gurantee your death?And though your beauty is lik
I'm going to tell you a story. It's about a girl who thought she was extraordinary.
And I'm a writer build most of my pieces off of experience or imaginary life... what I wish or what has no chances.. my leap of faith in every step I take is where my motivation strives from
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