Lady With The Cigarette

To the lady with the cigarette...Whose reflection do you see when you stare into the mirror?Is it the same woman I see?And if it is...Why do you choose to taint that beauty with purchases that only gurantee your death?And though your beauty is like nothing I have ever seenPlease...Do not give your beauty to things that don't give a damn about your spiritFor the beauty you possess should be dined with a bottle of the finest wineBut your inability to see that you deserve the best allows the night life of vodka and tonic to fill your eyesAnd when you wake every morning you realize... that you are just a woman hungover by her emptinessI bet you did not know that your smile has chased me as far as my dreamsDo you even know that your eyes light up before your smile begins?Eyes that wander have lusted over the flesh you present to the worldHands and lips may have touched every line and curve that form the silhouette of your bodyBut have words from another's mouth gone to places where the hands and lips can't touch?Have words ever been so delicate that they caress and hold you like the attention you choose to seek?Why grab things you don't have to work hard to get?Don't you know that your beauty is in a league of its own?To the lady with the cigarette...Put your cigarette down...Look in the mirror...Smile...And live 


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