She's All That

When I look into your eyes, I realize how much I want my stars back
Brighter when I’m sitting in darkness; when the skies are black
They give off more light
Letting me find my way home at night
Or until the sun rises above me
I love thee, Juliet! Beautiful tall brunette
I heard your name mentioned in the highest Greek summit
Every time you say it an angel is born from it
I find God in you. Flip that, and it’s still true
Youth every day renew. Forever young
Venus walks among us men with Mars behind her
And other deities trail him longing to find her
And nobody has to remind her. She knows
That her pretty face glows; no need for halos
A gaze, a heart froze to melt, and it always shows
Through a sigh with a smile as your eyes close

Yes, she’s all that

She will turn winter into summer, a slave into a runner
The hunted find courage in her and become the hunter
What law? She’s balance!
What flaw? She’s the blueprint of all creation
I saw her emerge at the sound of “let there be light!”
The one they call Dawn of the Morning put up a fight
Because in his mind he was the most divine
I’m pretty sure he’s jealous although he won’t tell us
But I mean… That smile she’s got
Makes us feel like kings though we are not
She’s the only hourglass that got time to stop
She taught me how to weave love into hip hop
She’s sunshine even under rain drops

Yes, she’s all that

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