depression awareness

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When I recite words trite like “it itches, burns, he cheated, I’m sad,” the lonely frustration isn’t on accurate display. I’m perceived as a self-pitying undergrad,
no one sees the pain behind her eyes no one could hear her loud cries she was alone in a world filled with people, and yet she was still here. when she smiled; she wanted to frown when she laughed; she wanted to cry
The strangers walk past the child, Unknowingly adding to the burden. Running from the oddity of the child’s sickness, Making it seem mild Or attempting to deny it’s existence.
You take the knife and you take the blade You dig it in and draw some blood But it’s time to stop, your night is made. Listen and let the tears flood.
Can I truey be free of my past? Not me 
The black clouds swirl overhead, Angrily moaning and shrieking As it swirls around, utterly in chaos.   The black waater of the oceam below swirls too, A vicious vortex, always spiraling down
The nighttime sky consumes; And but so little light than that shone o'e the moon! A sudden fright of terror looms, Crept up from shaddows to halls and rooms. The STARS, they weep. In Heavenly keep.
Sometimes  Everytime there is a person, who carries the weight of the world on their shoulders,
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