Sometimes  Everytime there is a person,

who carries the weight of the world on their shoulders,

and does't know why, or how to stop,

who wants someone to come along with a genuine voice,

and tell them its gonna get better,

and even if they don't believe it,

it is a flashlight 

in the dark night, 

a thread that gives them one reason not to go ever the edge.


Sometimes Everytime there is a person,

who smiles and laughs through it all,

they won't tell you, but 

they want you to look for messy seams, or tiny holes

that would tell you they were wearing a mask 

that hides the tears and struggles 

that hides the weak, the unreal, the pathetic, the selfish 

and the broken columns no-one sees the need to fix. 


Sometime Everytime you see a friend,

a person, an enemy, a teacher, a students, a nerd and a jock,

who seems just the tad bit off,

comes to school wearing bags under their eyes because sleep doesn't offer any release,

makes a 'casual' comment about wishing they were dead,

wears scars that keep showing up, more and more,

pushes away food when lunchtime used to be their favorite part of the day,

who stops reading when books were their life,

who doesn't talk to you, or anyone, as much because they don't want to watch everyone else be happy

and even worse,

when they stop laughing,






Thats when you know that on the inside, they are already dead.


Its up to you to tell somebody, anybody.

because sometimes everytime, you help

bring them back to life

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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