The Storm and the Vortex

Wed, 08/12/2015 - 14:15 -- Roo

The black clouds swirl overhead,

Angrily moaning and shrieking

As it swirls around, utterly in chaos.


The black waater of the oceam below swirls too,

A vicious vortex, always spiraling down

In to a bottomless black void.


I am stuck,

Tossed between the wailing vortex and the shrieking storm,

Never ending,

Always flailing,

Screaming for help,

But no one hears.


The storm is too loud,

The vortex is too deep,

My words are snached from my mouth,

And no one hears.


I hear a voice!

I call as loud as I can,

"Hey, can we talk? I need to talk to you,"

It's my cry for help.

"Can it wait until morning? I need sleep before class. I'll see you tomorrow,"

The voice's response,

My cry for help tossed to the wind.


The storm becomes more dense,

Becomes even louder,

And the ocean's vortex gapes wider,

The waters spiral faster.


I can't hear,

I can't see,

I can only feel the shrieking winds and the cold waters,

Stealing my warmth,

Chilling my body and soul,

And I know there's no escape.


I know I'll never leave,

That the storm will never abate,

That the vortex will never close,

And I finally give in to them both.

I found her body,

Lying peacefully on her bed,

She wouldn't wake up,

Her skin was cold,

And on her bedside was a note,

"I fought the storm and the vortex,

I fought for days, months, and years,

But I can't fight anymore,

So I let the storm take me,

Good bye,

I'll see you again,

In a land where no storms,

And no vortexes exist.

Good bye.

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My community
My country
Our world


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