2015 Suicide

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So this is how it ended... Bullets are memories, so you ate one. How does it feel? You laid yourself down beneath the soil. Won’t you wake up?
I cut the cord and now I’m floating here above the bloody mess that used to be the thing they called me not quite a person just me  
Upon the rising sun, prone to an inescapable curse  Standing amongst many, who bore this malicious fate  Upon thy first breath, came the wicked intentions of many   Ill and suffering, from what is known as destiny  
At fifteen years old I thought I had a plan; I was born to make a mark, yeah, I was born to take a stand.I never saw it coming, oh I was lost within my mind; I thought I’d simply disappear and leave it all behind.Mistaken; Misread; and never under
i grew up in a place where it was do or die, nothings changed and these bullets always flying i cant help it, because theres no denying, i will never forget these streets, and thats what stresses me,
Want to know how pain feels Pain is not wanting to get up Pain is not wanting to work Pain is not wanting to go to school Pain is wanting to buy a gun Point it at your mouth and pulling the trigger.
She acts happy, and excited.
The one million  Some fathers Some mothers Others are brothers
It begins to take hold I start to feel... cold My breathing slows
Why do you think people envy the dead?
  What is suicide?
There will come a day
I know you think this can'
Don't run away! I know you've been through much But that isn't the answer. No way such. Stop hurting inside You know there's no escape. The only reason you're doing this
Me. Its not as simple as most people would think to define me.
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