It Begins To Take Hold

It begins to take hold

I start to feel... cold

My breathing slows

But nobody knows

I'm alone in this place

Feels like outer space

The pain fades away

The trees start to sway

I hear voices nearby

I begin to wonder why

Nobody sees me

But there's nothing to see

The demons are here

The only thing I fear

Thought I could run

But they're having fun

With the endless torture

That I have to endure

I want to give in

My life is a sin

I'm already dead

Just living in my head

My wrists are bleeding

But getting help is cheating

I must do this on my own

Can't dial the phone

I know that I'm dying

And now I am crying

I want to survive

But I'll be dead in five

As I reflect on life

And look at the knife

I hate myself more

All the way to my core

I should have been strong

What I did here was wrong

I needed to live

I had so much to give

I could've been great

But I acted on hate

"I didn't need death"

I think as I take my last breath

Now I am lost

Peace came at a cost

I join all the others

My sisters, my brothers

We all made a choice

Now we don't have a voice

The souls of the suicides

With them my spirit resides

To all who are in the debate

Of giving in to your self hate

Remember to be strong

This hell won't last long

I can promise you this:

Life is something you'll miss


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