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These days when one googles: bigotry; One face shows up, not by hypocrisy, Not by accident. This is a darn travesty.The leader of such a wonderful countryShould not be carrying this ugly baggageOf bigotry, racism, and hate.
Child, You are ignorant. Ignorant to the horrors of our world. Hatred. Evil. Corruption. Destruction. No,
You may look at me, But why do you stare? Have I grown two heads, Does this cause you despair? Did some wings just sprout upon my back? Do I look to be crazed, like I'm going to attack?  
Dear Xenophobes,
I don't know what you went through,  but it was wrong.  I never felt the sting of those names, they were just common words to me.   I never thought that they meant that. I never thought that your skin,
Once upon a time, In a world gray and blue Lived an orphan, A blossoming youth, With golden hairs, And deep blue eyes, But rough, burnt skin, And a foreign smile.  
I composed my song of unspoken apologies Echoing like the ancient lands’ mythologies   It sang of red, white, and blue, Of thinkers, speakers, revolutionaries too.
Olive Oil Caseena Karim   my grandmother prays to a man pale enough for a public to adore   she tells me,
Eyes Eyes that show us the world we live in Eyes that give vivid pictures in our minds Eyes that let us see the wonder Eyes that make up our own experiences
We are living in the index of a history book yet to come.  
About half past noon, Before I Climbed through that Door of your's, Events beyond our control Forced their way through Gateways to other Homelands.   I sat, Just waiting,
Question one. How did Nazi Germany rise to power? A) Religion B) Scapegoating C) Nationalism D) All of the above.  
We are of hypocrites made, Our too familiar tales of  huddled masses and nations fled for  futures bright across the Atlantic's broad blue wings in hopes that stability might soon ignite
They walk and talk like they really know mebut I'm not just some random bodyI don't need them to dictate what I can and cannot do  
The innocence and naivety of youth Before you come to realize the dismal truth That everything is dying before your eyes And that the government does nothing but denies
  Fear of the unknown,
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