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My shaky hands can show you I'm not used to the formality But as I find myself growing more out of my comfort zone I think I finally found a way to call it a normality I'm not afraid to see the scriptures, imagery, and pictures I've engraved into
No matter how hard I scrub No matter how much the water burns The feeling is still there The heaviness remains I can’t burn you off.  
She did not even know your last name She only knew you from Psych 101 If she only knew what was to come   Little conversations here and there She started to open up
I look normal, I believe, Hungry eyes of a frightened girl stealing moments of weakness in the dark by herself in the night. I believe they don't see it, Most of the time I try to pretend it does not exist.
How am I supposed to move on? Your everywhere I go I don’t like the darkness anymore I’m scared I’ll see you I don’t like dreaming
To the man who took my innocence: To the man, Im sorry that gives you too much credit, to the boy who took my innocence when I was only 13 I remember that first day all too clearly
She's breaking quickly with each passing moment. Her hands are shaking for he is potent.   She's crying as softly as a sleeping baby. Her mind was blurred as she was lying
How to Survive Bullying: The Systematic Equation-Stella D’Vine Bullying + Victim = Chaos + Suffering To survive and solve this simple equation subtract victim from both sides. Leaving you with:
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