An Open Letter to my rapist

To the man who took my innocence:

To the man, Im sorry that gives you too much credit, to the boy who took my innocence when I was only 13

I remember that first day all too clearly

I went with a friend, to get another friend from his house. You were there.

You needed to "talk to me", I went not thinking you were about to burn my world up

I went with trust for you in my heart. It was a small subdivision. Surely everyone was sweet

You mustve told the boys to leave, why didn't they save me?

You threw my head against a wall

All i remembered was waking up next to you bloody and naked

I threw on clothes, climbed out your window since your door wouldnt budge

I cut my leg on that rusty nail. 

I ran. God did I run for my life passing through the park to go home. No one stopped to check on me

They seemed to get out the way.

I thought the hell was over. Oh god was I wrong

You proceeded to hunt me down and take my innocence 2 more times that week

You took my innocence when I was in a haze. I lost a dear loved one just 3 months prior

You took my self love

You took my drive

My ambitions

My soul

I was a lifeless shell of a person

I couldnt clean you off me

I couldnt cut you off me

I couldnt let a man touch me again

To this day I am jumpy

You took so much from me

But you gave me so much as well

You gave me the ability to fight

You taught me to keep my guard up

You taught me that I can survive hell

You may have taken everything I held close to me

You almost took my life in the form of suicde

But you didnt. I survived

8 years later I am here writing this

8 years later I have became a voice for the victims.

You gave me the ability to help others

I am much more than your victim

I will always be more than a victim

It almost killed me but I am now stronger. I now have a burning fire in my soul to fight

I will fight to never be victimized again. I will become a voice for other victims


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