Listen, I'm speaking

My shaky hands can show you I'm not used to the formality But as I find myself growing more out of my comfort zone I think I finally found a way to call it a normality I'm not afraid to see the scriptures, imagery, and pictures I've engraved into my mind that I will learn to be a winner learn to love, learn to trust, and teach you how I did it But of course, I've had some time to tolerate indifference Does it even matter being great but never really famous If it's flipped around that's most of the anxiety in a statement People wanna hear them problems but don't care about solutions Never called to action so there will be another shootin'  But when it comes down to the words they agree my heart is breaking It's been shattered into pieces. even though I hate the feeling I know it only makes me stronger and a better human being My friends told me I can change the world and never to let go The reason that I hold on is cause I know whose all been hurt before We just hide behind a smile, in our heart we always lock the the door Just let me throw away they keys cause I don't need them anymore People die every day, so many that I've lost the score Out of anger and distress, a piece of me is always breaking more Until it falls and breaks apart then it collapses to the floor This isn't just a simple image I was venting what I stored For you, Selena my heartbeats forevermore. 

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