where are you?


west county road 950 north
United States
39° 0' 50.6844" N, 86° 4' 57.9288" W

How am I supposed to move on?

Your everywhere I go

I don’t like the darkness anymore

I’m scared I’ll see you

I don’t like dreaming

Because It always turns bad

I always see you

The knife you held to my throat

The way you ripped a hole in my life

I still remember those words you said

“I will make this a slow and painful death.

I will make you suffer then I’ll go after her”

I know you remember my screams and my cries I begged you to stop

But you just loved that don’t you?

I was 8 I was just a kid

But you took that from me

I am broken

I have to live in fear that one day you will be back

I have the scars all over my body

I have to see them everyday

I have to live with it

But you,

You get to live everyday happy because you got away

Im almost 16 now

I keep thinking your outside of my window

I make my father go check every day before I go into my room

I know you’re here

But where are you?




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