world hunger

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Silence can kill a game. Silence has much shame. Silence rings with pain. Silence does not end with change. Silence keeps fears locked away.
Dehydration. Water the one thing I need. Water for me please.
The World knows That there is hunger right beneath their nose Never waste food and give all you can People are dying its already began 15 million children on the daily
What would you change scholarship slam What would you do? What would you change if you had the chance? What would you make different? Would you be selfish and change things that only benefit you?
You say you want WOLD PEACE but your not willing to fight for the one thing you believe  you think its impossible  for the sun to shine on everyone a the same time I believe
It floods in,fills up,crushing,hungry.Dragging, panicked.Whose hands?Mine.One. Two.  Three. Four. Five.
If I could do anything,  I swear i'd have the world changing.  i'd make everyone's lives better,  create world peace and end hunger.  Cure cancer, end abuse- keep someone from hanging a noose. 
If I could, I would If I could, I would change
There comes a time when we all hold a responsibility For what the world is and what it could be But we often get trapped in our own reality Concerned only with the well-being of our families
What must I do to keep this hunger inside of me? It’s like a black hole, dark, dense, spinning, sucking, pulling, A Never escaping nightmare. I grab my stomach and it growls at my hand.
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