The Hunger Inside of Me

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 17:01 -- AADimps


What must I do to keep this hunger inside of me?

It’s like a black hole, dark, dense, spinning, sucking, pulling,

A Never escaping nightmare.

I grab my stomach and it growls at my hand.

I look around to see if anybody noticed or heard the hunger inside of me,

But no it’s only for my ears.

Silent like a Predator stalking its prey...


 I am my own predator and prey.

Call me two- face or Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

 I want my cake and yes I want to eat it too.

Anything to keep this hunger inside of me

I'm too proud to beg and I'm ashamed to admit my need.

They say your eyes are a window to your soul but mine is empty.

It was attacked, chewed, and swallowed by my Predator.

The Hunger inside of me.


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