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virgin means untainted although i am not innocent this is how he left me   this olive oil has been touched mutilated
The only lying I would do is in the bed with you at my side.I thought we had a love to last forever and your heart was trying to hide.I let you penetrate my mind but you were looking for more.
Virgin Girl
As I look for my new spiral notebook in the morning I see this old spiral notebook the yellow spiral notebook before that yellow spiral notebook, there were many spiral notebooks  
I am.. Skinny but Fat
The moment can feel so right The moment can feel so bright The moment can feel like endless breath
I have never had sex They judge me as a prude It hurts my heart Them being so rude   I want him to love me But he won't for sure He thinks me a tease Easy to lure  
Once upon a time a boy loved a girl, He thought she owned the whole world, So he listened to every word she said, And slowly, but surely, he climbed into her bed. The ache of her absence is more than he can bare,
AIDS is real I hate condoms Oh yes I know we want to feel every side of it HIV doesn’t seem real when you are having the best feeling in the world You don’t think about AIDS when you pay visit to the vagina
"His Gifts" By:Lynisha Arceus
I was appealed by your appearance not gone lie i was intrigued by you but could you keep me played my cards right i had a full house but i guess you held the out roses left at my door step again
Promise me you'll listen. Promise me you'll understand. Promise these aren't empty promises someone will make again. Nothing stops the images. Nothing stops the pain.
(poems go here) I laid on her like paper did to rock and suddenly we both refused to shoot out what exactly it is that sizer through our layers of mentally striped blue margins,
Red, the color of passion Red, the color of hate Red, the color of pure blood Red, the color of a curse Outcasted by the world, His body is my hearse 
Abstinance to Prevent Teen Pregnancy The practice of refraining from sexual activity for psychological, social or reasons religiously. Psychologically, you prevent the possibility of pregnancy, STDs, and extra responsibilities.
Think before you do it Think before you risk everything Yeah he’s cute And he has a great smile But think before you do it There’s always a chance you will not be respected
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