Virgin Mind Lost In The Moment

The moment can feel so right

The moment can feel so bright

The moment can feel like endless breath

The moment can feel like whats best

What does this moment mean to me

Is it not what im trying to make it seem

Or maybe this moment is what it seems to me

How will I know if this moment will mean something to me

Am I pressing this moment for the benefit of me

Or am i pressing this moment to be something thats not me

In this moment, is this someone I love

Is this a moment i will forever think of

as a passionate moment

a moment shared by two doves

as a waiting disaster

with nervousenes from being rushed

This moment will forever change my life 

This moment will penetrate me like a knife

Or this moment will make me feel full of life

How will i ever know what this moment beholds

Well here goes nothing the moment quickly arouse







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