Purity - Or, When Your Heart Collapses


United States
34° 48' 30.204" N, 82° 20' 3.6168" W

Promise me you'll listen.
Promise me you'll understand.
Promise these aren't empty promises someone will make again.
Nothing stops the images.
Nothing stops the pain.
Nothing stops the swelling up and bursting in the rain.

All my salt is gone
And only acid works inside the swoon.
Castigate me if you must but ridicule just opens wounds.
I try my best
I try to push the child's "I think I cans"
So don't you try to say that this has something to do with being a man

"Is it too late to admit
I only wanted you for your body?"
It try to tell myself that could only be expected of me.
I never thought myself
To be the carnal victim of karma
Since when did the rules get flipped into your fucking dogma?
You slipped into my ribs-
Pressed yourself against my lungs.
You stole each breath you could and never let it past my tongue.
"What's yours is mine," you said,
"And never expect any different."
I guess I should have known that no one would be there to witness.
My spine then communicated
Thoughts I thought had left as well.
I thought I'd hold it but the tide broke in and began to swell

Rasped. Berry.
As I gasped for breath
I could feel the fruits thorny seeds
Break through my throat and begin to froth inside and make me bleed.
Pokeweed berries
Would have been nicer to digest
Then to feel the burning hatred building up inside my chest.
He forgets now,
But if memory had served me right,
Servant Memory would become an angel of death tonight.


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