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Tangled in thoughts Emotions lost in the mind Memories forgotten As the past unwinds. Fluid motion While letting things rest Setting the past into the ocean As feelings wave 
I was brought into this world with no mind of my own, Seeing time fly by I knew I had no control. Since the time I remembered I was only just five years old, Sitting in play time by myself, I was alone.  
I look in the mirror with disgust cause I hate what I see, I don’t want to be me
There's always that boy in the corner, whom appears to be a foreigner. Nobody ever seems to talk to him, or even take considration that his name is Tim. He's quiet as a mouse,
  Today a boy will fall down unconscious his trembling form on the bathroom floor one hand clutching tight a bottle filled with little white exit signs
The masses unrelenting, dictating thoughts. Think? No.  Stop. Listen and follow. Follow my command. Who are you? Me? I am you. You are we. There is no I.
Say something Before I shake the words out of you Scream at me until you can't feel the pain Thrashing in agony in bitter silence If you don't project, they won't remember your name
They say, life is like the sun Full of energy And bright as can be They say, death Is an ever changing Prolonged unsolved mystery They say, love is forever never forgotten in a sea of misery
I want to tell you "I love you" But I am just too scared. Whatever would you think of me, if indeed you heard The flutter of my expectant heart, The quickening of my breath,
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