The Power of Poetic Expression

Tangled in thoughts

Emotions lost in the mind

Memories forgotten

As the past unwinds.

Fluid motion

While letting things rest

Setting the past into the ocean

As feelings wave 

Crash, bounce

And wash off ones chest.

Taking a deep breathe

to reminence the youth

Saying the poetry aloud

That our heart has yet to remove.

Feelings are hurt, over joyed and restless

But as time progresses

Saying the hard and beautiful truths

Leave some breathless.

The past can not hold us,

The darkness will not consume us,

Unless our voice refuses to shout out

The things that used to remove us.

No ones a Saint

And no ones to blame

Except the people who took our voices away.

Do not be afraid to speak,

Do not be the one to seem meek.

Becasue, when all is lost

And the path seems unclear,

Try a little poetry

To express to others what you hold dear.

If things get mumbled,

And the cookie starts to crumble

Use the power

Of poetic mumbo-jumbo.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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