Silent Tears


There's always that boy in the corner,

whom appears to be a foreigner.

Nobody ever seems to talk to him,

or even take considration that his name is Tim.

He's quiet as a mouse,

because he lives in a chaotic house.

His father abuses his mother till shes black and blue,

there's many people who share the same shoe.

He's going insane within,

making his mind go in a crazy spin.

He's always stressed out,

but never putting up a pout.

He hates school,

because everyone thinks their cool.

He hates going home,

because he's trapped in a dome.

He hates his life,

because its filled with complications and stife.

He is awoken by his mothers silent tears,

she is crying out all her fears.

He tries to calm her nerves,

while she asks if she got what she deserves.

Tim is off to school,

only to be with multiple fools.

Nobody knows his story,

while they are happy and living in glory.

He returns home once school is over,

He wishes on a clover,

that his father will be gone one day,

that they will live in prosperity and gay.

Once he steps through the door,

he can't turn back and anymore.

His mom has a bruised and swollen eye,

and asks if he wants pie.

He is astonished by how she acts so normal,

including her attire, shes dressed so formal.

He tries to talk her into some sense,

but all she says is she wants to make amends.

He is so fusterated he wants to cry,

he just imagines he can get away and fly.

Tim has trouble going to sleep,

evetually he starts counting sheep.

His eyes drift off to his only way out,

until he hears his father shout.

He wakes up only for his whole day to be repeated.

So when you see that kid in the corner,

dont assume he's a foreigner.

Be his light,

along with new sight.

Be his guidance,

and break the silence.

Become his distraction,

go on, and take action.

You can change his lifesyle,

even if it's just for a while...



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