Speak: What do you say?

Sun, 09/22/2013 - 21:38 -- Pres


They say, life is like the sun

Full of energy

And bright as can be

They say, death

Is an ever changing

Prolonged unsolved mystery

They say, love is forever

never forgotten in a sea of misery

But what about you:

A student, a parent

A lover, a friend

What about the emotions you have

That seem to come without an end

They say, always be happy

But what is happiness

A misconception of what you always tend to witness

From television, or radio shows,

or even from the next best politician  

People say a lot of things

Meaningful and meaningless

But always remember,

The things that go unsaid

Can be the key

to what you might and might not believe

about yourself

in the end


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