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I know that these chains will break. But when I try to breathe I’m suffocated by your dishonesty.
Dear Allah, This is Your masterpiece of wonder, Who at only six years old Could speak and direct the world, Be it real or virtual.
They say mankind will kill himself But what am I supposed to do if I’m born in a war If my life is on the line……play victim, inflame my heart with fear? When the only thing I fear is God
In your anger, you're glorious. Metaphoric muscles flexing. Jaw popping.And through it all- Your eyes burning.   
Fingertips slide across my lips, And joy floods to my soul. Blood rushes to my skin,  I blush away,  I feel the sin. Why on earth am I this way? Yearning and burning 
You don't have to let them take you down. You don't have to let them turn your smile into a frown.
As we drift our souls into one,
Primitive light envelopes the birch logs in heliotrope.  Autumn leaves adopt an auburn glint.  Crouched moon in the southern sky.    This is the place astronomers call Shattering dawn -   
What will we do on this darkest day, When the world just looks then turns away? Will we cry out in anger or cower in fear? Will we forsake the ones we hold most dear?
Life isn't always treacherous There is an essence of altruism in our biological disposition There are people out there who have a vision, To confront injustice and end human schisms,
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