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I end up loving people who won’t fight for me. Girls like us only know pain We know the turning against our family The isolation of friends
Dedicated to E.J.S. Blood boils beneath the skin. A hatred for you deep within. Your "BIGGEST MISTAKE", at least I am something.
Every night I wait for you to come back You promised to never leave me again, over and over When you finally waltz in the door you reek of crack Today I try to ask why, you respond by giving me a smack
Hannah was late coming home this evening. Traffic was slow and she had trouble leaving. Work was hard and she hadn't any time
He lied to me constantlyHe hurt me day after dayWhy did he do this to me?
It’s probably something silly. I probably won’t remember it
Why I write?  Why I write?  The true query is why men speak So often?  So often when they do not mean what they say nor understand what they mean Or even care to
I'm not one to hold grudges I don't care about the hype. I've come so far and you know I'm not the vengeful type but I still can't believe I let myself stoop so low because you let me cling on to a false hope.
You remind me now of a Ghost that once haunted me.   One that made me cry, into the small hours of the night.   In pain, Unloved, Unappreciated, and Used.   Bruises,
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