It's Finally Time.


You tell me, I am not like most girls,and learn to kiss me with your eyes closed.You make me feel wanted.Everyone wants to have what we have.But what they don't that its all an illusion.I am trapped! I CANNOT BE LIKE MOST GIRLS.I have learned to cover up the bruises.Always followed by, "I'm sorry, I love you".I make excuses for you even when I know I shouldn't.You tell me my opinions don't matter.And when I cry,and threaten to leave,you always lure me back in."I'm sorry, I love you".You make me hate myself.I am constantly scared to "disobey".I have lost everything that makes me, me.I am up all hours of the night,thinking of how this can be fixed.It cant be.But I can.I send one last text...Its over."I'm so sorry. Please don't do this. I love you so much".One of many apologies.But this time,it is neither wanted,nor needed. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community



I had the opportunity to go to One Love's workshop with a couple of my classmates. I found it incredible and unfortunately very relatable. I think knowing the signs of relationship abuse is so important because as I leaned, it can actually save someones life. I got so much out of the workshop that I am currently trying to bring it to my school so that as many people can see it and learn about it. When I saw the opportunity to write a poem about unhealthy relationships, I jumped on it. This is such an important topic that needs to be spread so that it can be prevented.

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