for my mentor

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My mentor is my mom She is kind and gentle but strong I know that its cliche But listen to what I have to say   She kept a roof over five heads In the winter blankets piled up on the beds 
Before there was there was a whole, there was a gap, along came the mentor who already had a thinking cap. Ideas and concepts of which i had no time to grasp. Though his patience and forbearance was the base of his cap.
How can I repay you for all that you've done? You made me who I am, You have made me one.  You taught me that anger does not always work, Showed me the ways I am speical, despite all my quirks.
I lived my life in the shadows Always afraid to find myself I've cried rivers and oceans Ignored my heart and played the part Victim to my deepest fears
Everybody has someone that they admire. A person that helps them, a person that inspires. They can be good, as they can be bad But for me, that person is my dad.  
I thought I knew all He taught me what I knew not Now I am stronger today
When I belived that the world was not no my side. You were the knight that fought to protect me. You lifted me up when I was ready,  Even though I was glued to my old thoughts. You made my life heaven,
As I take a step backward, she takes one forward I am guided by her movement One step forward Success shows as the horizon sits quietly The town unassuming
Mentor. It was the one word I felt I could call you. Our bond was too strong for "teacher" Friendship a forbidden term Mentor was the only word fitting.   Savior. 
She has a heart like thunder, That booms conspicuously. A heart so loud, it touched even these faint ears. She helped lead me on a path I didn’t know I wanted to go on. She found in me,
an open letter to director juliano, to the man who is empathetic, charismatic, beloved.   to the man who asks you how you are doing and will sit and listen to you talk for thirty minutes,
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