Thank You

Mon, 10/01/2018 - 15:20 -- Bast


It was the one word I felt I could call you.

Our bond was too strong for "teacher"

Friendship a forbidden term

Mentor was the only word fitting.



Another word to describe how I felt.

You saved me from myself

You gave me hope for my future

You made me believe I could be something.



How I felt when you left.

As if I was nothing, as if you gave up on me.

You were the one to raise me up and break me down.

Is this what mentorship means?



I refused to be put down

I refused to let your abandonment hurt

I refused to let myself go back to the person I used to be

In the end you helped me more than you knew.



The one thing I have left of you

The one thing keeping me going, giving me strength

Being with you made me feel safe, being without you made me feel free

Even as I slowly forget you I won't forget what I've been taught


Thank you.

Thank you for giving me two years of your love, your support, your guidance

Thank you for saving me from myself and my fears, my insecurities, my gloom

Thank you for leaving me that day, filling me with the pain needed for me to grow.

Thank you for making me realize the only person I need to depend on is myself, I have the strength now.

Thank you for teaching me how to say goodbye.





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