My Thinking Cap

Before there was there was a whole, there was a gap,

along came the mentor who already had a thinking cap.

Ideas and concepts of which i had no time to grasp.

Though his patience and forbearance was the base of his cap.

He taught me to build my hat along with what i lacked.

His concepts seeped into my cap as if filling the gap. 

And now i thank him for building my sturdy cap, 

for teaching me how to act in times of tact.

Now thats hes moved as if he were playing tag,

id like to thank him for this thinking cap.


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my mentor was someone who inspired me, not only in the basic motivational speeches but he had planted seeds along my trains of thought and taught me how to develope these ideas making me who iam today. without him i mightve gone astray or led a different life of which i do today. his teachings were and still are my base of why i do things. the only thing id like to say to you L.M. is THANK YOU!

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