Lone Queen

When I belived that the world was not no my side.

You were the knight that fought to protect me.

You lifted me up when I was ready, 

Even though I was glued to my old thoughts.

You made my life heaven,

Even though you were going through hell

Alone other may have seen you as,

But you belived you were finally free.

Two weights is what others saw us as,

But two motives is what you made us.

You worked for us and fought for us

Whole heartedly you trusted us too.

You never needed a king, 

You as our queen is more powerful then anything.

You taught me more then any two parents could. 

Because of you I am not just living,

I am apreciating all things.

A single mother is never what you saw yourself as,

I was never an inconvenience.

Because you raised me,

I will grow and be fine on my own.

Because I know you will never leave me.

I say this to my loving Queen,

From your always Princess.


This poem is about: 
My family


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