Graduating from high school

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You told me I couldn’t because you couldn’t You told me I shouldn’t because he should Your fists told me not to try I didn’t listen, even as they told me again   The bench was cold The hours were long
Behind old eyes I see A boy, once young and free Whose laughter rang Who danced and sang Who smiled back as me   Behind old ears I hear The sounds of passing years And yet somehow
The days go by,So quickly it seems.It seems that just yesterday,You started school.Then there you are,Here today,Graduating from high school.
As I walk down the aisle, Wearing my cap and gown in style. I realize today is the day, That parents prayed for. As I take my seat, I look around and see, The teachers who taught me,
Never again to walk those wonderful brick halls. Only to come back years ahead As a stranger and an outsider- As a student never again. And to cherish the sweet days I had there. To remember those many memories,
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