Leaving Mortimer Jordan High School ©

Never again to walk those wonderful brick halls.
Only to come back years ahead
As a stranger and an outsider-
As a student never again.
And to cherish the sweet days I had there.
To remember those many memories,
and remember them again.
Of sweet friends,
Caring teachers,
And that beautiful, old campus.
Of days gone by.
Tears . Should I cry?
I am leaving that comforting safety net I call school
Where teachers care,
Friends abide,
And talent can spread.
That beautiful school is like a shelter to me.
A launching pad for the real world that lies ahead.

Now I am ready
And my journey begins.

By: Erica Glover.

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This is a poem I wrote the day after I Graduated from my high school, Mortimer Jordan 3 years ago. It was how I was mourn over not being in high school ever again and how I let my feelings out about it. Also, at the end is a glimmer of hope as I look forward to the future.

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