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Bounce, bounce, breathe.... Swish Like a language of its own, we feel the orange ball An extension of our own bodies, a part of our being For our dreams are filled with wonder of movement
Cowardly terrorists caused many people a great deal of sorrow.On September 11, 2001, 2,996 people would have no tomorrow.Many people died because a few planes were hijacked.
I was eight when I realized the truth and the harm; I saw it on my teacher’s face; the pity and alarm.   They examined my body, outraged by the marks. Calling social services, warning them of my matriarch.  
The Bottom inspires me. The cold, lurking monsters in the  “real world”… inspire me. The pains and the aches in my body,  inspire me. One day, I won’t feel, won’t breath,
Anxiety of Argos   The man breathes wisps of vape smoke Kinding the twitches And thoughts that churn the covers in a teenage bed
You try to learn. You try your best. You try to ace that stupid test. Yet once again you managed to fail. Most horribly, most hasty, most nastily bad. Well, maybe not as bad, just a tad.
  you’re never around. you’re not in my life. so why’d you come over and ask if i’m alright?
Grief befalls thy coated years While we grasp these salted tears Great beyond us, forever near   We see and hear those twisted fears Crying, calling for those thy sweetened chaste 
  There was no love like a broken clock there was no tick or tock all that was left was the Love or not There were butterflies not the happy kind
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