Losing Love and Thought


There was no love like a broken clock there was no tick or tock

all that was left was the Love or not

There were butterflies not the happy kind

But the ones that stab you from the inside

thinking how am I going to get up there

Stumbling to the front it was supposed to be my turn to shine but instead

I find myself gasping for air

Choking on the dull memories of a home with a father not there

Invisible tears stain my face

I am turning in disgrace knowing that my poem has yet to mark its place

Mommy use to sneak and read my poems here there

Daddy found out and skipped town

fair well

Conscious saying it's my fault so poetry had to go

Took away my voice

Blocked all my flows

Fear took its place

leaving behind a mute ghost

It muzzled me



Tell me how am posed to speak out if I am drowning in my own self-doubt.

A book full of poems that will never be heard


When ya soul sewed up ya talent starts to burn

The pride lands was all I saw and poetry wasn't

It was pushed in the dark so much it became a myth

I started living Hakuna Matata

there was no hope left

A childhood memory left in the dark

Put it all on the table hang the laundry up to dry

Let the words fall off your lips like a stolen kiss

Turn the camera on


This is it

I win

Take the muzzle off girl

It's time to read it


This poem is about: 
My family


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