Madeline, My Sweet Girl

Grief befalls thy coated years

While we grasp these salted tears

Great beyond us, forever near


We see and hear those twisted fears

Crying, calling for those thy sweetened chaste 

A boisterous laugh and cocky grin

Our sweet, sweet bodied Madeline 


A scream befalls thy shaded clears

Make Way! Make Way!---For I am here!

I'm here

I'm here

I stand 

I wait 

Waiting for my damn'ed fate 

Death sits in 

He awaits

To take and break 

Her twisted fate

I see the sea 

I wait in fear

Calling,Calling!--my end is near

Fall and wait on dead, deaf ears 

Shake the fears of which my sisters take 

Through the shield of which i break

To take the hate, for such is fate

O'er the guarded gill-filled gait

I stand alone, atop my hate

For I cannot forget that fate 

The fate to which I place my hate 

I place the blame for such a state 

For she cannot replace her fate 

And I cannot replace my hate---a fate?







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