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The Journey Back  is an interesting one miles of walking on  tired, callused, bloodied feet. treading back over  that eroded ground.   
At the dawn of creation, as the gods formed a hundred million galaxies, there also formed with them our blazing and bold sun. This newly formed orb began to rise from the horizon line of our Earth,
Passing through a small outback town, A magnificent creature caught my eye.
If I had a rose for every woman I loved, I would have a bushel or two. Fill the petals in a basket, making sure there's enough, Before I cover the ground with a few. With each steady pace, a rose petal is placed.
"Five dollars," said the Wolf to the Boy. "Five dollars," agreed the Boy. The Boy went out like usual, for he was a shepherd boy. He glanced around, at his sheep- then back at the Wolf.
Once upon a time, we did not kill to survive
There once was a donkey Who would not stop working He was a loner unlike Porky The one pig who loved shirking  
  The trance gesture to the forestI only look into my night sky mirror. Once had you mystified in the white snow.And there's no more than a witchwho envies people for their love.
  A beautiful life,  tempered with strife. Composition of love, a story untold of.   Who knew a fable  Is a reality with a label.   Twin flames who found each other abound
The Subconscious possesses my fragile fingers, tracing the rusted doorknob. My errant body ambles off, leaving the scent of presence behind. The inviting entrance embraces my hand delicately. Luring me into a House where
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