Dreary Heart


The trance gesture to the forest
I only look into my night sky mirror.

Once had you mystified in the white snow.
And there's no more than a witch
who envies people for their love.

I do not wish to become a dark cloud

I already wish for someone's happiness

And interrupted someone's happiness
by the thirsts for their' happiness. 
And wrap over others' happiness.

Winter freezes up everything under my feet, 
and slips onto my feet a pair of glass boots. 
Whirling, it’s not possible to step,

Not knowing how to dance or walk.
I just keep on waiting for the arrival of people's love.

I no longer want to wear this black dress.

I already interrupted someone's happiness
that thirsts for others' happiness. 
I will flush the dark cloud.
Letting the dark cloud fly to the distance.

Now, I smile for others' happiness. 
The heart is becoming white
wanting to run barefooted

The color grey parched clouds passed by. 
I merely kept staring at them 
as they slowly vanished out of my sight.

Towards you.


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