The Rose Petal Man

If I had a rose for every woman I loved, I would have a bushel or two.

Fill the petals in a basket, making sure there's enough,

Before I cover the ground with a few.

With each steady pace, a rose petal is placed.

I would never get lost in the forest.

I could find my way back no matter how far I trekked,

Making it in time for porridge.

My name would be known as the Rose Petal Man,

Who lived all alone far by the river dam.

When I come into town, a rose petal would be found

—The villagers would gawk at this phantom.

I would deliver my goods, then off to the woods,

Retreating alone to my cabin.

On one particular day toward the middle of May,

I came across a fair maiden named Summer.

She was lost in the woods with a basket she stood,

distraught over a fight with her mother.

Their battle was heated. They both exchanged words.

—She wished she could take it all back.

So I filled her basket with rose petals

Then ushered her off for this was the start of her new task.

For each step she took, drop a rose petal or two

—Until the basket was emptied completely.

Puzzled she was for how could this solve

—Their argument which happened just recently.

But despite her doubts,

She was off on the path with a basket filled with rose petals.

Later on the air chilled, and the evening came to a close,

For the sun had begun to settle.

By the doorway she stood from that long walk in the woods,

Perplexed for her soul was still haunted.

She thought she was done from that long walk in the sun.

She was famished and quite exhausted.

I smiled at her and said, "Take the basket my friend there is much work, so

do not be daunted. Do you remember those rose petals, do you

remember which ones? Put them all back and then you'll be done."

Vexed, she grinned. A skeptic within, but she left to her dismay.

That long journey she walked all alone in the dark.

She searched aimlessly that day.

Disappointed and tired, for only a few rose petals she retrieved.

—She dreaded her answer would never be received.

But the Rose Petal Man smiled for what she did not know.

The answer was quite simple, and it would offer her hope.

"Do you remember those words that you said to your mother? Each rose

petal represents each word." He said to Summer. "Try as you may to

take back what was said—but your attempts all but futile at the end."

Her eyes began to well for she finally understood.

It would be impossible finding each rose petal in the depths of those woods.

"Take heed and try harder not to hurt those close to you for each word

spoken is a powerful tool. If you choose your words wisely, you will one

day heal those wounds."

Content with the answer, she turned back and said, "Is that the same

reason you throw rose petals my friend?"

The Rose Petal Man smiled and before he replied—he cried!

For his emotions could not be denied.

"One day she will forgive me and all that was

said in the past. Until then, I am cursed each day to take those words



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