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Cold and brisk out unlike a standard text which is just cold    Bold to list out the type of flesh which you just sold
I find something small, Suspicious and strange. Black marble, crystal eye,   And it was you who knew my fate, Taking the glass and pushing it down my throat.
1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. pause BEat drones like a belle where does the noise aller? interruption With pleurs
... and I keep pondering over your 2 seconds   Who are you          and     Why do you bother to dissapoint me again? after so long?  
dear depression-   you, the first face i see, lying on the pillow next to me a shameless smile as you try to convince me, "stay in bed today"  so i stay  and i stay
My mind is a constant war,Brewed from the dross of the emptinessAnd confusion drawn from decipheringThe concepts of reality and falsification.  
I love the way a flame dances;Slowly and gracefully moving aboutWrapping itself among the wick and emberMelting the air that we breathAnd how it does it’s gentle danceIt brings everything else to move with it
His moansAre more beautiful than any songI could ever listen toBecause through such a simple soundThat escapes from the depths of his lungsHe is capable of expressing more emotionThan words could do alone.
You are broken beyond belief; a puzzle I could not finishBecause I was too afraid of the end resultYou were beautiful despite not being complete,But still I was afraidAnd in this fear I slowly picked you apart
This is more of a trial than you might think (The mother in law comes to the salon first) The area closest to the church can be dangerous for anyone. It happened year after year Sort of like on purpose The two dead dogs  In the street outside my w
  1 The clouds slide past  and rising, rustle against the blank sky. Their grandeur throws me off balance.  I wish I could throw off my clothes
Aspiring within, a risen power ready to tip over, the ability to inspire. Agile but, fragile After every trial
Of the train according to the front, after the order of 1000 suns cry eyeball - can all combustion terrace.
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