My mind is a constant

Wed, 08/23/2017 - 11:22 -- angemt

My mind is a constant war,
Brewed from the dross of the emptiness
And confusion drawn from deciphering
The concepts of reality and falsification.


And then you came along,
Pressing your satin lips against mine,
Taking in that war and putting it to an end.
And in my head I know it may be temporary
But I want it still.
Over and over again.
That release,
That cloud that escapes the atom bomb
Of what I assumed to be your love.

You are a drug to me, and I am the addict.
I am nothing but dependent on any fix of you I can receive. 
I have become dependent on a simple kiss,
A simple stroke of the skin,
A simple clashing of our tongues and words
Exhaling from our teeth.


I want you.
I want that war.
That battle.
That strangeness of conflict that pulls at every chord of our hearts.
Sadistic yet true,
I crave it.
But you are gone now,
Leaving nothing but ashen dust
Of memories to fill the air like snowfall,
Each crystalline flake gently covering the open atmosphere.
And knowing that you felt nothing
During the warfare of our love
Hurts more than the slick of metal
Pulsating into the depths of my chest.


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