All American Actress

This is more of a trial than you might think (The mother in law comes to the salon first) The area closest to the church can be dangerous for anyone. It happened year after year Sort of like on purpose The two dead dogs  In the street outside my window Were a strange story That only the flowers knew  Wait a second... He rarely got drunk Well, Put it this way:  Swedish, squarish, and strong He was fascinated with security A gross sort of person To be so secure and learn so little His comfort was thick, and sickening Outside my window also lay An all american actress Her rules had been simple Four more killings, Two more shows, Then suicide by dynamite. So I guess I should say Outside my window lay half Of an all american actress Ponzio stood looking at the water He had locked the door But he knew someone had been in his apartment  he could still feel them creeping Like nightmares into his house of mirrors Clinging to the inside of his eye lids  In frames of horror. He broke all the china But He couldn't escape them I'll take the two dead dogs And all american actress any day (Or half) Nightmares seem much worse  Especially ponzio's  "You haven't talked to him I suppose?" No he's not well enough to talk. "Well anyways, the salendar girl accepted the job." She's expensive. "Really... How do you know?" For your sake I'll tone it down She was the all American actress's best friend and boy, She was dynamite .

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My country


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