my dear

dear depression-


you, the first face i see,

lying on the pillow next to me

a shameless smile as you

try to convince me,

"stay in bed today" 

so i stay 

and i stay

and the sunlight through the glass

sinks below the pane

and here we are,


here we are.


you, the voice in my head, 

those lips brushing against my ear

as you beg me to take a break 

and i hear you whisper,

"is this really worth it?" 

so i stop

and i stop

and the dirty dishes fill the sink

spill onto the counter

and here we are,


here we are.


you, the kiss at my throat, 

taking my phone when my sister calls 

as she leaves another voicemal

and you promise me

"it's easier this way" 

so i agree

and i agree

and the concerned messages are left ignored

soon to be deleted

and here we are,


here i are. 




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