Do not speak

The ears of those around you have their teeth bared

And all it takes for their mouths to bite

Are a few words that slip off your tongue at the wrong time

And a small comment that holds no thought


Hold your tongue

It is a precious possession, made of glass

And it can shatter at any time

A fine garnish that should be used sparingly and on things that deserve it

Because flaunting around nice things only gets them stolen


Don’t say a word

The levels of sentences you have left to say are dwindling

You are only granted so many

Because if you go over your limits, and add too much weight to your phrases

You will tip, and you will fall


Keep your eyes down

You have taken the attentions of too many people that you do not deserve to own

Far too many eyes have been on you

You have taken too much space, and you’re only growing bigger

Drop a few feet and follow your gaze’s example –stay on the floor



Do not let the others know

Do not let them see what kind of human you are

They have their own thoughts and interests

And you are not included



You have done too much wrong, you have messed up too many times

You have no reason to take the time away from other people

You do not deserve love

You are alone


Live longer

Keep your lungs working

Keep your heart beating

They do not belong to you

They belong to expectations


Work harder

Give me the last of your efforts

You no longer deserve the freedom you’ve taken

You must hand over your mind and your heart, and replace them with bricks of textbooks

Because passion has no place in the workspace


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