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I taste your anger,  I feel your sorrow. You occupy your own mental space with words of injustice on others. When little do you know the world around you is just a reflection of you.
Do you know?   Do you know what happens to a fish without water? Do you know what happens to a fire without air? Do you know what happens to the trees without sun?
stop think about what you have done with your life have you succeeded yet have you paid your dues have you found love in life
You can wish All you want But that won’t Make it so.  
All I need are the lives of my brethren, given up for the ideals of the free. Pressing forward with my dreams I've been buildin' Seeing all these faces looking up at me. Millin' in my mind, all the time,
It's a wonder that I have survived so long without your help. How it is possible, I have no idea. Maybe it's my willpower or my lifestyle. Watever the cause, I am having fun with no you in my life.
The bustle of people, yeah classes are starting again.
Tae Kwon Do Punch Kick? Thats what you do just kick it! Thats how I live Life.
With a swift brush of the breeze, you are beautiful.  Soaking in your everlasting scent, I can see you. The ability to taste your bountiful lips is euforic, in the sense of purity and love.
A Pilot, Engineer, World Activist, it goes on and on People get mixed up with a Job, Just to get payed, to become rich,  these things don't change your life. Perhaps they do keep a roof over your head,
That back seat far into the corner, I become unseen. Though I do the work that you ask, Why can I not just be me?   You tell us to be our selves, But when we do, you shut us down,
Everyone's telling me I should ask her out, I think about her daily, I wonder if this means I like her, Will it ruin our friendship, Will she even want me, Tis better not to ask,
Young love is the topic of discussion, heartbeat, tempo cousin of percussion. Okay, Where do I start? The ladies and the girls thinking men run the heart. Independence, Coincidence, hence-
I don't need your pessimism. I don't need your false hope. I don't need your tears. I don't need your pain. I don't need your broken heart. I can do bad all by myself.
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