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Do you Remember what it was like When you were young no spite No lost feelings only wonder and believing  in those around you and their messages meaning Were they Divine or were they a blind slide
"I don't get you. You are like an enigma." He said.  she replied, "I would agree, its really not hard to be an enigma.  It's easy. I just be myself- without really knowing who that is.
  My prize you are Your bride I would be    When ever You call I'd be, there, there to serve my role.    My role to you
The Rebirth by Dean S. Parris
She speaks to me in seafoam.  Born beautiful, she kissed my eyelids and gave me her love of everything.  Her fingertips are callused from centuries of knotting heartstrings. 
Creator is to artist as scientist is to technician. I ain't no fucking electrician. I am electricity.  I have velocity. Enough for an attrocity. No animosity. But I got to be
    Twinkling in the corner of my eyes  Shining past leaves of the trees I pass by She warms me    Revealing the blinds she is always there  Smiling compassionately with such empathy   
My heart becomes a stallion that swiftly passes through the immense field of green, Her eyes are but a doorway hidden from all men, The look she gives me as I pass her_inhaling her attractive scent,
Love deeper than the blue of deep   My love is deep, deeper than the blue of deep My love is envied by all of mankind, 
Love surpassing something as limited as the heart and human emotion. The seas apon the globe are nothing but mere shallow ponds in comparison to the capacity we own as one. You are me, I am you. 
I traded in my Nike’s for the open mics  Those early Saturday morning 6 o'clocks for them 7s ate my priorities I had to trade them in for 
There is something divine about uncertainty To know that blessings are just around the corner Maybe you are the blessing Maybe I am the blessing   There is something divine about being a blessing
Up before dawn, with curtains still drawn
Bells chime 4-3-2 Heart radiant like the Sun Divine energy
To see the Divine in your earthly brothers and sisters is to live in heaven.  Seven Gateways, tune your brainwaves, channel the fire of the higherst Mother.  I remember you, every fragrance every hue, pink to blue, 
 Roses are redViolets are blue....The two lines that's often used to begin a poem for a valentine card,Ending it with a romantic gesture, to give it an edge, It continues sayingIf I couldI'd turn back to when I first kiss you, How can we has human
The whispers chirped all through the air, The trotting deer, the hopping hare. They moved with swiftness that was so divine, But then nature settled into one dismal line.
  I begin and end With the use of this state of mind I am you as you are I Potential is a given Confidence rearranges
Our divine purpose isA masterpiece we have a hand
Making a statement, I'm now living in the present But My past? made me stronger so i remember although it has passed cloudy but after the rain there's a rainbow, sun shining at last
Joy is a feeling, a freeness of mind, where the euphoria of your brain runs wild all the time. Its a feeling of relief from the pain of the world, from hearings of murder, extortion..it just makes me hurl.
Spread like thick mist of perpetual darkness, The harbinger, the evil, the snake, mischievous. Slithers. Spreads the black cloud of human error across the deep souls of mortal man.  
Crystals of ice hand-crafted by the divine White as the aura of a newborn babe Unique, complex, exceptional Beauty in its most natural form
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