Sun, 10/19/2014 - 19:02 -- Alnz3


 Roses are redViolets are blue....The two lines that's often used to begin a poem for a valentine card,Ending it with a romantic gesture, to give it an edge, It continues sayingIf I couldI'd turn back to when I first kiss you, How can we has human set aside a day to express how much we care About someone so dearForgetting who our first love isGod....Alpha and the omegaInfinityBut we keep him as a rubber stamp Relying on him in a moment of need God love which only has one face,But we often turn to the love with multiple facesConstantly changing as dark clouds in the sky,For its right time to strikelike a tiger seeking its prey So my brethren What do we want the valentine love the one day love or Or the immortal love. 


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