I Am You as You are I



I begin and end

With the use of this state of mind

I am you as you are I

Potential is a given

Confidence rearranges

I feel myself

There is wealth

I read my feelings and put them on the empty pages of whiteness

I thank the creator above for the gifts I’ve been given

For the energy that we swim in

The ability to give and be given

I dive in

I feel you through myself

We both have wealth

Your existence gives me the ability to be me and mine does the same in return

We work together as one

Now there is meaning to I am you as you are I

 We telepathize every second with every breath

There is energy that does not rest

There are mirrors in our chest

We all reflect

When we first see each other

We are strangers at our best before we get to know the rest

There is a mirror in everyone

Hopefully they are not square

Because we do not need the corners keeping us from our potential

Did I not mention to you that potential is a given

So give in

We need a lot of space so soar through the mirror more

So open yourself and explore

Sorry if I make it hard to focus your image in my glass

Though I own the mirror to your image

You are your own creator

With that beautiful soul behind those beautiful eyes

You’ve created a world

That should not be a surprise

Soon you will see you do not need mirrors to believe

We share the same existence

I am like your limb not the soul beneath your eyes

I am apart of your existence and that’s it

I am you as you are I

The mirrors were just a disguise that kept us blind

In this beautiful illusion

I am in your space as you are in mine

We are a world so divine

You are life and so am I

Though we are not intertwined

I am you as you are I

Keep reflecting that’s why

This poem is about: 
Our world


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