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Wonder if banana´s has seeds because how does it grow, is it possible for Homo Sapiens to hear an ant´s heartbeat, will the world stop spinning oneday, if so where would we be?  
The world of mine would investigate invisible lies, Only to imagine dust and flame. The heat would smother my glass heart  And pray that it's strong enough to survive.   Yet in the world of pain and demise,
Finding a playmate in a flower, tree, sunlight Showering the sky with love for the rain that pours over  Toes, into cupped
Every road you take leads you to the end To the cliff edge you can not see You may leave behind trail markers along the way But that trail that you’ve marked,
 Is it better to know or be known? If it is knowledge that is power, which realm does one call home? It is fair to say, even though very cliche, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Myself, Me, and Iall bottled up insideThe thoughts that I thinkthe questions that I askthe search for morefor better, not to quitIt's not enoughWhat I knowI must know more
A dark hole has nothing on this so-called life A dark hole is a haven to me. But life? Life cuts at you like a knife. And just as you escape the strife   It tears you down once more
I'm not cuckoo, deranged, or completely cracked. I hardly even ever wear black I'm not a vamp wannabe or Satan's spawn. I don't worship the weird, taboo or wrong.
Numb. Standing in fear and utter hypnosis, like a deer in front of headlights; the moment I cast my eyes on her I was certain she was the one who had been stalking me in my nightmares, wanting my soul and everything else that I had to offer.
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