The world of mine would investigate invisible lies,

Only to imagine dust and flame.

The heat would smother my glass heart 

And pray that it's strong enough to survive.


Yet in the world of pain and demise,

Only the strong walk through time.

For restored hope has burst through these walls

With the intention of saving me from all my crimes


In this world of the fear and the fearless, 

Only the curious thrive, 

For with another heart could I only see truth

And understanding this confusing world behind.


To have, and to hold, and to live

Just to die.

With a rose tucked under my chin,

Knowing that every life has a beautiful story.

Because I lived in this world to survive.


Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
Our world


Genevive Heymann

Shout out to my home girl Finesse J.

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